NewPipe APK

NEWPIPE APK: Youtube, an app we all love to use. We all are watching lots of content there daily, spending several hours. We absolutely love the videos on youtube as they are so entertaining. There is a lot to watch for any person, of any taste. But at times we all have felt that it should have more features. Above it the increasing size of the app and processing power it requires is going up each day. This all makes us wonder if there is an alternative to our loving app. Don’t worry NEWPIPE has got you all covered up. It offers all the features that you ever would have wished for in the original app.




NEWPIPE  is a lightweight ad-free youtube app. It gives you every feature that the original Youtube app has and many additional features. Like playing in the background, ad-free playback, ability to download videos in our preferred location, pop-up player. If you want any of these features then you have come to the right place. Newpipe is absolutely free and open source. It also comes in 55 different languages. No matter what your background is you can enjoy the benefits of Newpipe in your national language.

Enhanced features that you only get in New pipe App.

  • Lightweight: Newpipe is low in size that makes it fast and puts less strain on the processor, this helps in saving battery. Newpipe also saves data as it just sends and receives information only needed to play the video.
  • Extensive Download Controls: With Newpipe you can have complete control over your downloads. You can download videos in your preferred location.  Set title and download in any format you like at any resolution. You can also choose to download the audio only.

Download options

  • Privacy at its peak: Everybody knows Google collects our data for various purposes. There is no such Google API’s here and Newpipe only sends the information needed to get video and channel details. You can decide what information is kept and everything is kept offline on your device.
  • Ability to play in the background: The most annoying thing about Youtube is that it stops playing anything as soon as you go to another app. Newpipe gives you the ability to play youtube videos in the background, without the need to keep it running on front.
  • Pop-Up Player:  Another great feature is that Newpipe lets you play youtube videos in a pop-up player. Great for those who love doing multiple things at a time. This is something that only people with android 8 or up can enjoy on original youtube app. But with Newpipe anyone can enjoy this feature.


  • Subscribe to your favorite Channels: You can subscribe to your favorite channels as on the original youtube.
  • Bookmark Videos and Create your own playlist: You can bookmark your favorite videos and create your own playlist to play whenever you feel like it.
  • History: Keep full track of what you watched and browse to check any of the videos that you watched in the past.
  • Quick help when you need: Newpipe has dedicated helpdesk that no one in the competition offers. Whenever you face any problem in the app you can approach them and get help.
  • Available in multiple languages: Newpipe is available in 55 different languages, so you can use it in your national language. It makes the user experience very comfortable.
  • Open Source and absolutely Free: Newpipe is open source that means you can be sure of it’s origin. Be assured that there is no malware or pesky piece of code placed in the source code of the app. Imagine all of these features and that too absolutely free. Voila!

Newpipe will change your Youtube experience for sure. Give it a try. To download it check the steps below.

Download Newpipe APK

To get started with the installation process, you might need to do some changes in your settings app. Please follow the steps as stated below.

Enable Unknown Sources

By default, installing from Unknown Sources isn’t permitted. Follow these steps to enable Unknown Sources Option

  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Click on Security and Privacy Option.
  • You will see “Unknown Sources” option which would be disabled by default.
  • Enable and unknown Sources option and agree to the pop-up you get after that.

unknown sources

Download and Install NEWPIPE APK

  • Click on the download button below.


  • Go to the downloaded apk file and click on it.
  • Now, you see 2 options cancel and install, click on Install.
  • Your App will be installed shortly.
  • Now you can find the NEWPIPE App in the app finder or app drawer of your smartphone.


Newpipe is a must have app for anyone who loves watching videos on Youtube. It will totally transform your experience and the way you use Youtube. I have never felt any need to go back to the original youtube app, as Newpipe offers so much more for much less(in size). I would hhighly recommend it to anyone who want to get more out of the Youtube app. Go ahead and install Newpipe Apk today.