Newpipe for iOS

Newpipe for iOS – Newpipe is a wonderful app that let’s you watch Youtube in a way the original Youtube doesn’t lets you. It has many extra features like background playback, pop-up player, no need to sign-in etc. The greatest feature is that it doesn’t uses Google API to track your usage. This is the reason why people love it. Only problem is that it is available for android users. But what about it’s availability for iOS? If that’s the question you are finding answers to, continue reading this article.

Newpipe for ios

Sadly for the time being there is no official support from TeamNewpipe for ios devices. But don’t worry we have you covered and nobody is going empty handed from here. There are alternatives for Newpipe on ios but none of them will give you all the features in one package without jailbreak. So let’s discuss them.

Alternatives of Newpipe for ios

  1. Musi – Simple Music Streaming 

 Musi is the first one in our list. It is on top of list as it is free and let’s you listen music directly from Youtube. You can listen to the music in the background, add to your favorites, search function, no need to sign-in. You can even make your playlist as in any music player. There is built-in equalizer also and option to get lyrics of the song playing. It is a great alternative for Newpipe for ios. The only drawback we found is that there is no option to select quality for the video now playing.

You can get it from the link – Musi

2. Ivory – Video Player

Ivory offers a lot of features like Newpipe for ios. It has all the great things like Background playback, favorites without login, picture in picture mode.You can even make short gifs of the videos now playing. There is also Kids Space where you can keep videos specially for kids. The big drawback is that Ivory is paid, but that is ok as there is no ads like musi here. You have to purchase the app from the appstore for the first time. Other than that it does the job.

Download Ivory from this link – Ivory

There are other options too but you will need to jailbreak your device. If you can do that get Youtube++ or Cercube are good options. Thanks for coming. If you have any questions you can comment below. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.

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